Interior Restoration on my 93 RX7

I purchased this car with a blown motor and trashed interior. After nearly 2 years of mechanical restoration I am now working on the interior.

To begin with, the interior was covered in a cheap carbon fiber dash overlay kit. Basically this is a carbon fiber piece that is glued onto the interior pieces. The glue was covering every piece of plastic in the interior, and took quite a bit of work to remove. Here is a before shot of my gauge cluster and other dash pieces:

First I removed the glue by scrubbing it with goo gone and water. Then I sanded the piece down using 600 grit sand paper, followed by a wet sand using 1000 grit paper. After the piece was clean and dry, I sprayed it with Duplicolor Truck Bed Liner.

This picture was after the first coat.

After a 3 coats, I let the paint dry and then I wet sand each piece with 1000 grit sand paper. This helped to remove the rough texture. The finished results are as follows:

This is the speedometer put back together, and after I painted the silver gauge rings (they had oxidized).

Here are all the pieces that I refinished:

Here is the current interior with the refinished dash pieces installed.

I have just purchased a genuine Spirit R steering wheel and shift knob. This is the Spirit R wheel:

As well as new floor mats:

I have also purchased a new JVC head unit.

Spirit R Shift Knob:

These items have yet to be installed, but should round off the interior beautifully. I have also elected to remove the steering column gauge pod as I am not happy with how it sits. I will instead be purchasing a new 3 gauge speaker pod instead of the current 2 gauge pod I have installed.

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