2011 / 2012 Mazda RX7 Concept Pictures

While no official word has come out of Japan as to when and if a new Mazda RX-7 will be put into production, the chief engineer at Mazda has gone on record stating that he will bring the RX-7 back during his tenure.  Many concepts have arisen over the past few years that are definite to be part of the new RX-7 styling, however no official design has been made public.  Here are some rumored concepts to be part of the styling:

The new RX-7 is rumored to be equipped with a new 16X 2 rotor rotary engine (1600cc displacement).  This engine is based on the side port technology used in the current RX-8 “Renesis” engine.  While this engine does improve gas mileage, it only produced a lack luster 235hp, and dyno’s of RX-8s are common to only show 180-190 rear wheel horse power.  This is a far cry from the original 255 flywheel and 225 to the wheels that the original RX-7 provided.  Not to mention the huge aftermarket gains the original RX-7 13B could provide (up to 350-400hp on stock block).

As a rotary fan, I am hoping Mazda will release a rotary engine capable of handling forced induction (whether it be a turbo or supercharger).

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  1. A turbo charged rx8 can reach 260whp easy with a greddy turbo and with a turblown turbo it can reach 400whp pretty easily look it up rx8s are sick dnt hate do your research:)

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